Storage and processing of self-adhesive hook and loop ribbons

We recommend a processing temperature between 18°C and max. 35°C.
Max. shelf-life: 6 months (at 22°C and max. 70% rel. humidity)

Technical information and data sheets

For each article technical data sheets have been deposited and each respective article can be accessed and printed.

Sample material

With pleasure, we can send you charge free sample material in small quantities for trial purposes.


Of course, we can also cut our hook and loop ribbons to a specified length with most modern ultra sonic technology and as the case may be ready-made. Please ask for specified offers.

Packaging and units

Meter per Box
16 mm
25 m
1500 m/60 R.
1200 m/48 R.
20 mm
25 m
1250 m/50 R.
1050 m/40 R.
25 mm
25 m
1000 m/40 R.
900 m/36 R.
30 mm
25 m
900 m/36 R
750 m/30 R
38 mm
25 m
700 m/28 R.
600 m/24 R.
50 mm
25 m
500 m/20 R.
450 m/18 R.
100 mm
25 m
250 m/10 R.
250 m/10 R.